Miter Folding of Melamine , HPL, Veneer, and Vinyl

miter folding melamine Komponents is one of a small number of companies that miter fold melamine and HPL. Also spelled mitre fold, this process is popular in the store fixture and display business because of the attractive “look” it provides. Display boxes and columns are common uses.

Benefits of miter folding include:

  • Very clean looking box or column (there are no edgebanded butt joints)
  • Miter folding melamine or HPL allows for a much larger color palette over vinyl
  • Allows for lower assembly costs

Edge comparison

We can provide sizes from small boxes to 12 feet long valences using the mitre folding process.

Typical uses of mitre folding are:

  • Riser boxes and podiums
  • Bases and toe kicks for store fixtures, POP displays, and cabinets
  • Work Surfaces
  • Shelving - it greatly increases the strength and reduces sag